Securing your home is safe must be one of your top priorities, so here are some ways that will help you keep your family and loved ones safe from harm. 


    Secure Doors 

33 percent of burglars enter their victim’s house through the door. You must always perform inspection not only of your front door but all doors in your home. Make sure that the wood is not hollow, hinges are protected and frames are strong.   

The front door may be a nice focal point of your house but you must not sacrifice security for an attractive view. You must install a peephole or deadbolt to help make your door even more secure. 

    Lock Windows 

Window latches are sometimes ineffective and downright flimsy. To help upgrade your security, replace the window latches with locks or key operated levers. Laminated or tempered glass can also be used for a stronger hold.  23 percent of home burglaries occur through windows so it is important to seal them. 

    Purchase Security System 

Your home must be protected with a security system. Evaluate your area and choose as a system that suits you. Carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and alarm can be used to enhance the security in your house. 

    Meet the Neighbors 

Neighbors can be your first line of defense against burglars and other criminals. They are familiar with the area and can help you keep an eye on your home when you are not around, but they can’t do it if they do not know you. 

Make an effort to socialize with your neighbors and get to know them well. If something suspicious is happening around, a good neighbor will notify you and let you know. 

    Find Resources 

Find information or contact the local police, check for security program in your neighborhood and see if there are other resources that can aid to enhance your security at home. Some local police forces will send an officer over to give you some useful tips to help you secure your home so make use of this service. 

    Light Up the Landscape and Put Fence 

FBI states that majority of burglary occurs during the day wherein you are at work, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to secure your home at night. Place lights around your front yard as well as your backyard. It is advantageous to use lights that come up with motion sensors for added protection. 

It is also a smart choice to build a fence, it does not just add beauty but it also gives added protection to your home. If you are not equipped with the right tools to build up a fence, you can ask help from professional fence makers such as that provides professional help and guarantees high-quality work. 

   Add Security Signs 

You can also add yard signs and window decals to help deter burglars. If you don’t have a security system, you can fool burglars by making them believe that your house is completely secured but of course, this is quite risky compared to installing security paraphernalia. Sometimes the idea that there is a security system inside can also be effective