Moving any heavy appliance and furniture from one location to another is such a laborious work. It’s not an enjoyable task, especially if there’s a lifting and moving involve. There are many DIY approaches to things now but moving a hot tub or a spa, there’s no way you can do it on your own even with the help of friends without hurting yourselves.  

Hot Tub Moving Company

The minimum weight of a spa or hot tub is around 400 pounds; the heaviest one that a house has is 1,000 pounds and more. Do you find this enjoying while carrying and taking a thousand pound appliance and probably lift it down the stairs? We all want to save some dollars, but moving a hot tub on your own is not worth it. The following are the reasons why you should hire Denver hot tub movers 

Enough Manpower 

There are many steps when it comes to moving a hot tub or spa. First, you have to drain it first, dry it and then clean it so the transportation is going to be easy. The first steps might be already tiring for you, imagine all the effort you have to do when doing all those stuffs. The next process involves tilting the spa on its side for easy transportation.  

Manpower is needed to carry out the second step of the process. There is equipment like furniture dollies especially a spa dolly that’s needed for the job. This is tricky, and only those who have experience with this kind of moving should be the only one to do the move.  

Aside from the tilting and the lifting, a careful planning is also done. The professionals will consider the path where they would take the spa so it’s safely loaded in the moving truck. The path should be free of all hindrances that might damage the spa. There should be no railings, stairs and landscaping that might be damaged. The tub is also wrapped in a plastic wrap so scrapes in the outer shell is avoided.  

Skills and Equipment 

You will really need the manpower that a moving company offers. Leaving the work to the professionals will ensure that nothing would be damaged during the process. The professionals have the proper equipment to carry out the task. Once they start the job, they will use the stretch wrap, moving pads, floor coverings and other tools to make sure that all other materials are protected.  

There are tubs and spa that have different packing and disassembly instructions. The professionals are well-experienced when it comes to this. They are also insured and licensed, so you will safe when hiring one.  


Hiring a special hot tub mover is not a waste of money. In fact, you’re going to save more. Any damages and repairs if you go to the DIY path will be more than what you initially spent on the service. The professionals know what they’re dealing with, so they know how to fit in a big tub in such locations that make it safe for everything else. Remember, you might damage a lot of other appliances in the house if you do the move in your own.